Key technology of MQL for high-speed cutting

Key technology of MQL for high-speed cutting

High-speed cutting technology is an advanced, rapid development of multi-disciplinary technologies that require high-performance, high-speed cutting machine tool, wo[sgmb id=”1″]rkpiece material and adapted tools and appropriate processing technology for a specific object to be processed by combining effective play speed advantages cutting technology.

High-speed cutting process has the following characteristics: reduce cutting force; deformation of the workpiece to reduce heat; parts processing size is easy to protect, shape and position accuracy; good surface quality; reduce the vibration system; increase the amount of material removal; processing costs are significantly reduced.

Key technologies include the application of high-speed cutting speed cutting machine tools, high-speed cutting tools, high-speed cutting technology and micro-lubrication technology.

Micro-mist lubrication and cooling can be reduced on the one hand tools – chips – friction between the workpiece, on the other hand fine mist particles come into contact with the surface of the cutting tool relatively quickly vaporized heat transfer fluid heat conduction cooled heat exchangers effect mode can take away more heat, it has become the first choice for high-speed cutting lubrication cooling. Oil mist lubrication cooling achieved good results in high-speed milling.

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