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We Have Supplied Industrial Cutting Wheels Worldwild For More Than 30 Years

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About Tricraft

Our History

Star Abrasives CO.,LTD Has 30 years of experience in the abrasives industry from China, we can supply the cutting off wheels for all the applications , include the general metal working , precision cutting for alloy , metallography , break cables , cores .We can cut the hardest materials that others can’t cut

Our Mission

To create a famous brand Of Cutting Wheel And Disc in the world From China ,keep improving the quality ,keep studying every day , help our distributors have profits , help the end users save cost and time, delivery the right wheels for every application .

Test Video - Tricraft VS WORLD FAMOUS BRANDS

Some Fun Facts about Star Abrasives ?
Years Experience
96 %
High-End Market
Wheels Per Day
0.12 mm
The Thinnest Wheel

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